Herock Workwear offers a wide variety of safety shoes, ranging from clogs to construction shoes, or protective ankle booties. On this website you can find all models and order directly from stock. If you wish to try on the safety shoes you’re interested in, you can visit one of our stores. You can find the store nearest you on this website; we are located in 15 countries worldwide.

A suitable pair for any requirements
At Herock’s, you can find a suitable pair of safety shoes for any requirements you may have. We offer a large range of personal protection equipment in different levels:

  • Experts: For the professional with exceptional requirements
  • Additionals: For professionals looking for gear for a specific job
  • Essentials: For advanced handymen

Advice and information
We are glad to provide information and advice on which safety shoes would be most suitable for your requirements. Please contact us free of commitment through the contact form on this website, or send us a message on info@herockworkwear.com. We can also be reached through phone number +32 (0)52 44 48 21.

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