Thanks to his German contacts, Mario Kupper, the chief mechanic of the Yamaha R1 of the DG Sport/Herock team has offered Marc Fissette to participate at the next Macao Grand Prix, which will take place in the next days.

Since more than 50 years the former Portuguese colony is the inevitable end of season rendez-vous for cars and motorcycles. On the road track that starts at the seaside in China heading for the cliffs adrenaline and sensations are assured. Motorcycles and cars skim past the cliffs and flirt with the road rails.

It is not the first time for Marc Fissette. In 2008 he already discovered the Macao hell and even got the title of best rookie.

« In the qualifications I clocked a 15th place but I finished the race in the 9th place. It is a very specific track and when you first discover it, it is hard work to find reference points. All rails are painted black and yellow and it takes a while for the eyes to adjust to that. It is also very hard to achieve the level of the English riders. They are used to this kind of tracks where you are not allowed the slightest mistake and they have been coming to Macao for about 10 years already. They know each and every detail of the track and know all the tricks.

I personally very much liked the famous hairpin that is very tight for the single seaters due to their large turning radius. Maybe it's due to my past as a hill climb rider but I'm at my best there.

I'm looking forward to it, especially with the bike of DG Sport/Herock and the support of Mario Kupper, The odds are good for me to score a nice result. But rest reassured, I won't take any unnecessary risks. »  

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