HEROCK IN DAKAR! Etape 8: San Miguel de Tucuman



The high temperatures and the humidity of the bivouac located in the hippodrome of de city of Tucuman are the home of the Dakar´s rest day. While competitors try to recover energy, the mechanics work hard in their vehicles for the next week of race.

Yesterday, Eric arrived late to the bivouac and shared his impressions of the Dakar 2013 first week:

“These two last specials were fine, we did not have any surprises. We finished among the first twenty vehicles, which demonstrate the performance of the Trophy-Truck in high altitude conditions.

I do not recall to have had a Dakar start as hard as this one. I must say that I wasn´t been here since 2009, and in Africa. Back then, the rhythm would be rising… We started the fight since the beginning, at right from the start there was soft sand, unbearable heat and fesh fesh. The mechanic is highly required today, and I have seen it with our car, which is very reliable and gives me great satisfaction.

We are half way now, and we have not drove on a stage that seemed like Africa, except for the one in Calama, which had varied terrains, technical and rough, and I enjoyed. It provided an opportunity to show the performance of the Trophy-Truck. We were among the best 10 and even seventh at a time.

The Dakar profile has been transformed in South America. I have an important trust in the car, but I realized that it is not the best vehicle for these kinds of terrains, neither are its automatic gear and the current configuration of the electronics. The Trophy Truck has been built for the African open spaces. The extremely high temperatures, the altitude, the soft surfaces are not the best conditions to show all the Trophy-Truck´s potential.

I have learnt a lot since the beginning of the race, I´m synthetizing and I see what the steps are for the future… a near future!”

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