HEROCK IN DAKAR! Etape 6: Arica - Calama


Road connection: 291 km – Special stage: 455 km – Road connection: 22 km – Total: 768 km


The first stage in Chilean ground, Arica – Calama, was divided in two portions relatively fast, but the dunes were present too at the end of the first section. After a short road connection, competitors arrived to Calama to the dusty bivouac located next to the airport over the fesh-fesh. Fortunately, Chilean people are very welcoming and share their local flavors in the tent of Pro-Chile.

For the first time since the start of the Dakar 2013, Eric Vigouroux enjoyed driving his Trophy-Truck. “It was a varied stage. We were able to take the Trophy-Truck to its best, and we started to see the Minis, the SMG Buggies…. that was a great indicator that we had the right pace. We also crossed some steep dunes, which was the main problem we had at the beginning of the race. I am glad we accomplished the 7th best time of the stage.

Then, we attacked the second part of the race in the best shape and confirmed out place.

The only problem was that 30 km before the finish line we had a vapor lock as it was too hot. We had to stop four times to fix the fuel circuit to lower the temperature. I think it was only the fuel that we took at a station since we are using Avgas since the race started.”

Tomorrow, the Dakar crosses the Andes Mountains to arrive to Chile for the first bivouac in Argentina, in Salta.

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