HEROCK IN DAKAR! Etape 5: Arequipa - Arica



Yesterday, the EVR crew, Vigouroux/Brucy arrived to Arequipa in the dark, after facing an unbelievable traffic jam that made an epic fight to get to the bivouac. If the road connection was long and complicated, so was the special stage.

“At the beginning of the special test, I hit the front of the car in the skirts of a dune… and I got stuck in the sand. But in that misfortune we were still lucky because Gibbon was also trapped in the sand, right next to us. He was being helped by Mitsuhashi and then, he pulled us out, which saved us minutes of working with the shovel. Then, we had a problem with the inflating-deflating system… and we have to change the tires pressure according to the ground… less pressure in the sand and more when is compacted.

At the end of the stage, we saw Carlos Sainz that was waiting with a strap ready and even though our car was not at its best, we helped him out.”

Today, the special stage that took competitors to Chile was traced in a harder soil, easier to drive on.

“I started the special stage with enthusiasm. I knew this kind of ground was better for our Trophy Truck, without the fesh-fesh and the dune crossing of the previous days. The track was technical, rough and stony, and we were able to perform better. At CP 1 we were 9th, which shows where we should be positioned. Unfortunately, we are still in lack of power, which hold us back from driving the way we would like to.

In spite of all, we try to stay in track. It´s a very hard race, but we do not give up!”

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