HEROCK IN DAKAR! Etape 3: Pisco - Nazca



This morning, Eric Vigouroux and Jean Brucy left the bivouac in Pisco wanting to do a great special stage. But this third stage, announced as one of the hardest… it really was! Huge erg, soft sand, extremely hot… Another difficult day for the EVR crew!

Once they arrived to Nazca with the Trophy Truck all covered in fesh-fesh, Eric sank on a chair to tell his day.

“I was so surprised by this kind of sand. It was a mix of sand and fesh-fesh, I´ve never seen that before… so soft. And I was able to witness and touch it. We sank and I felt it with my own hands! In fact, we had too much pressure on the tires, and even if we drove well for the first ten kilometers, we fell into a hole and we lost 50 minutes. To get out, we deflate the tires up to 800 grs!

Meanwhile, many cars and trucks passed us by. When we left, it looked like a gymkhana between the cars and trucks caught in the sand. We got trapped a couple of times. Then, a fast portion… but the oil got hot and the gear would slide, so we had to go smoothly, bypass the dunes and missed a waypoint.

Since de beginning, we are not in the right track of the Dakar, not to say that problems other problems.

We will keep our minds positive, we were able to get out of all these and we have everything to fix the car and take the start tomorrow!”


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