HEROCK IN DAKAR! Etape 2: Pisco - Pisco



The second stage of the Dakar, a 242 km loop, should have been a little more difficult than a warm-up, not as strong as the homonymous Peruvian drink, Pisco, and the Peruvian emblematic cocktail, the Pisco Sour… and more than just a few will feel like a hangover after such stage!

Extremely hot weather, delicate navigation, sand, tricks… difficult… Pisco – Pisco was a hard stage.

“It´s a little disappointing as the beginning of the race, comments Eric Vigouroux, while eating at the bivouac. I do not have the same sensations I had on the car in Morocco. We changed the black box which is meant to provide more power in altitude, at 4000 meters, and after proving I have not power, I´m worried, because it means that we will be losing time every day.

Like today, we were looking for a waypoint and we lost 30 minutes, then, the rear tires lost air so we had to stop to change them and add another 10 minutes!

It was a very hard special and it will take a while for all competitors that are here for the first time to make it to the bivouac!

It is not the race start I dreamed, but I hope that day after day we will improve the black box performance.”

Tomorrow, third stage: Pisco – Nazca, 343 km total and a timed section of 243 km.

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