HEROCK IN DAKAR! Etape 1: Lima - Pisco


Eric Vigouroux faces an accelerator problem in the first stage

The day started well with the amazing welcome given by the Peruvian crowd while going through the start podium. Then, Eric Vigouroux and Jean Brucy took the PanAmerican highway in South direction, destination Pisco, 250 km from Lima.

The first special stage of the Dakar 2013 seemed more like a super prime with its 13 km in the race on a fast track, surrounded by thousands of people that attended to watch the sand kights!

“We did the road connection with no problem at all, except for the traffic jam that made it hard to get to the start of the special stage, and all under an extreme hot weather!

In spite of all we made it on time to launch in the special. Unfortunately not all went well for us: the accelerator cable was bloqued… I think it was because of the transportation on the ship that the cable was probably damaged. Driving slow I was able to unlock it but I had to take my foot out of the gas!

It´s a pity, but tomorrow will be a new day.”

Tomorrow, the Dakar stays in Pisco. The Dakar competitors will start a 242 km loop, an all sand stage!

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