Perfect fit, perfect form

Wearing the right size is not only important on the catwalk: a professional needs the right fit and size to do the best job possible. A piece of clothing that does not fit can cause incovenience to the person wearing it and become a nuisance when make certain movements. Additionally, an item that does not fit right will wear down and need replacement quicker. That's why Herock® makes sure that its collections are optimally designed to provide easy accessibility. This may seem like a minor detail, but an ill-placed pocket can make a world of difference on the workfloor since it might have you bending and twisting yourself to reach a certain tool or instrument. To provide an unmatched freedom of movement, it is imperative that you choose the right size and shape. That is why Herock® offers every item in our collection in every size. You can find a schedule with all the sizes on this page and find out which size or fit matches best  with your body.

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