Herock® does not just design its collections to make you look good while you're at work, the first function for every item is to protect its wearer against external factors and physical injuries. We already explained the protection against external conditions in the three layer system. However, protecting yourself against the physical strain on your body by wearing the right clothes is equally important. Carrying around heavy toolboxes, building materials and other equipment can start to weigh heavily on your physical frame. That's why our designers work hard on fortifying the crucial points in our clothing and taking as much pressure away from your muscles and joints. This is partly achieved by spreading out the weight of your tools and other instruments, ensuring that no bodypart is overburdened. Our designs also ensure that you don't have to make any unnatural movements to access your equipment. 

Our items are made from the strongest materials that can resist the toughest conditions. But on top of that, they are also tested for their wearability, convenience and the protection they offer their wearer. The pressure points that we mentioned above are subjected to severe testing by the researchers in our laboratories until every item meets our high demands.

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