Technologies for everlasting workwear 

Our products are the result of years of experience in the field and a constant search for improvement. This means that all of our products have undergone extensive testing before they are given a place in our catalog. These tests are not only conducted by the scientists and researchers in our laboratories, but also by an entire army of professional experts who individually test every item in the most exigent conditions. This allows us to guarantee not only the outstanding technical quality of our clothing but also their superior suitability for use on the job. After all, functionality is a priority for every professional in search of the right equipment.

Herock® has made it a primary goal to supply experts in every field with the best possible material, and we plan to do it with passion and professionalism. Apart from developing new fabrics and textiles, we keep a close eye on all technological and scientific innovations, because every new insight can be relevant if it’s applied correctly. Believe us when we say that you can count on Herock® to have the perfect equipment for every job possible.

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