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Herock® Products

The Herock collection can be divided into three different categories, each of which is specifically designed to satisfy the unique needs and demands of their target audience.

Essentials This collection holds the basic needs for everybody who’s eager to go to work: whether you’re a professional doing your daily job or just a motivated home-owner with a passion for home improvement, every search for the right tools begins here. The articles in this collection only carry the Herock® logo on the inside, which makes them perfect for adding extra prints or embroideries. Ideal if you’ve got a business to advertise!
Additionals Looking for an article that’s specific to one job, or an item that needs to answer to a unique demand? You’ll undoubtedly find it here in the Additionals-collection: these items have been designed primarily for professionals, but experienced handymen and –women are sure to find their fancy here as well. Every item in the Additionals-collection also leaves more than enough room for the adding of a company logo or other design.
Experts This collection is the absolute apex of the Herock® arsenal: these items are only developed for professionals who need the absolute best. This collection contains our most exclusive items and our most enduring fabrics and is only sold by our official distribution partners.
IT’S NOT A MAN’S WORLD, THEY JUST WORK IN IT The time when construction workers and masons where exclusively men has been over for quite a while. In the 21st century, there's nothing that stands in the way of a woman who wants to stand her ground in any typical male profession. Of course, a woman also needs the right equipment to do the best job possible. However, most brands don't take the female form into consideration while designing their clothes, which tends to lead to uncomfortable clothing that wears off quicker and can even cause injuries. That's why Herock® is proud to present the Sherock collection, which is specifically designed for all the female professionals in the field. This collection of course holds the same standard of quality as our other collections, except the items have been adjusted to optimally fit the female shape and form.
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